Remote Auditing Technology

Remote audits reduce time, travel, and expense of conducting a traditional audit while also improving the quality and detail of audit reports.

Intertek has developed Inview, a Remote Audit solution to help organisations conduct more efficient and safer audits. By wearing a video and audio source located in a light-weight harness, you are able to interact remotely with a qualified auditor, allowing them to evaluate the facility, conduct interviews, and review the necessary documentation in real-time – just as they would if they were in person at your organisation.

This technology-driven approach drives innovation in a rapidly changing, global business environment. As businesses expand their operations and supply chains across international borders, it is increasingly important to have a cohesive approach to quality, safety, and sustainability goals throughout the entire organisation. Conducting more efficient audits and third-party verification of facilities and vendor operations will evaluate process efficiencies, reduce costs and intrinsic risks to the business, while improving working conditions, and ensuring ethical business practices are being upheld.

Performing audits via a remote auditor will reduce the added costs and time needed for travel to the facility location, allowing organisations to maximize their investment in their auditing program and gain greater transparency by giving access to a wider audience to observe the audit in real time.