Travellers with specific access needs are a rapidly increasing part of the global travel market. They look for hotels that have provided access to all the facilities of the hotel. AccessCheck allows hoteliers to both check that all areas are accessible at all times, and to positively advertise this fact through verified certification.

Module Areas:

Disabled Access Policy

Ensuring that a detailed policy is in place to address the issues relating to disabled access.

Building Access

Ensuring that all areas of the building / facility are accessible with approaches and entry points suitable for access by those with a disability. The nature of accessible building design is such that it not only improves access to the facility for those with a disability but for everyone else as well.

Entry and Reception

Ensuring that the entry points and reception facilities are appropriate and welcoming for guests with a disability.

Disabled Facilities

Ensuring that suitable facilities for disabled guests are available which comply with relevant design guidelines and correspond with information used for marketing purposes.

Disability Awareness and Training

Ensuring that all staff are given the appropriate level of disability awareness training to maintain access arrangements and support those guests with a disability or specific access requirement.

Special Safety Arrangements

Ensuring that the arrangements necessary for the safe evacuation of guests with specific disabilities are made, maintained and reviewed. Evaluating procedures for the creation of personal evacuation plans and suitable means of escape.

Design Features

Ensuring that all aspects of the building design are evaluated to prevent barriers to access. Assessment is made based on a variety of disability types beyond just movement impairment.


Ensuring that where necessary accurate and appropriate information for guests with a disability is available.