The water system in any hotel is a key part of the overall health and safety system. Whether it is to prevent Legionella bacteria becoming a danger or to check the potable water standards, AquaCheck in invaluable in ensuring the water in the facility is up to standard.

Module Areas

Water Safety Policy

Ensuring that a detailed and sufficient policy is in place to address the issues relating to water safety.

Legionella Prevention Planning

Ensuring that a system of planning and management is in place that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of all individuals involved in water safety. This also includes external contractors.

Water System Design

Ensuring that all issues relating to the design of the water system are addressed and managed according to best practice.

Potable Water

Ensuring that the layout of the potable water network including the intake, filtration and storage is maintained, disinfected and kept free of contamination

Hot Water

Ensuring that the construction, layout, temperature and maintenance of the hot water network is appropriate and effective.

Cooling Towers

Ensuring that the construction, disinfection, maintenance and sampling of cooling towers is appropriate and effective.

Spas, Jacuzzis and Other Facilities

Ensuring that all risks associated with these facilities are managed as part of the water safety programme.

Low Risk Facilities

Ensuring that the risks associated with ornamental fountains, fire fighting networks and other low risk facilities are addressed and managed as part of the water safety programme.


Ensuring that all staff are trained to appropriate standards to fulfil the roles and responsibilities placed upon them by the system.


Ensuring that effective monitoring and verification is in place with the use of laboratory sampling.

Legionella Prevention Protocols

Ensuring that all protocols necessary to ensure that the development of Legionella pneumophila is prevented are conducted routinely and safely.

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