In the unfortunate circumstance where an incident becomes a crisis, it is essential that management works both quickly and effectively. Normally there is a golden period when many potential crisis can be mitigated and controlled before they spiral out of control. CrisisCheck looks at the overall preparation at each site to verify that crisis management protocols are in place and up to date. Plans change over time, as do the staff assigned to respond in any crisis. The crisis management plan needs to be check and updated regularly. CrisisCheck gives the surety needed that the plan is fit for purpose at all times

Module Areas:


Ensuring that a management team is in place and that they have developed an effective plan and associated arrangements.

Building Conditions

Ensuring that the building(s) are suitably maintained and that all weak spots are identified.

Flood Protection

Ensuring that water ingress has been anticipated and suitable precautions have been implemented to protect against flood damage.

Emergency Power

Ensuring that emergency power systems are available and sufficient.

Emergency Water

Ensuring that water is available and safe to use in the event of main supply failure.


Ensuring that employees are actively involved in the emergency management plan and are trained accordingly.


Ensuring of continuity of supply for essential items.

Key Contacts

Ensuring communication is maintained with the most important contacts.

Business Functions

Ensuring that no matter what happens the hotel can still perform its business functions.

Recovery Location(s)

Ensuring that should an evacuation be necessary that arrangements have been made beforehand to ensure a successful transfer of guests and employees.

Emergency Procedures

Ensuring that the hotel has suitable and sufficient arrangements for preparing for a severe weather event.

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