Now, more than ever, restaurant diners are looking for great food in safe surroundings. From entering the restaurant to leaving, it is vital that customers experience clean and safe surroundings. From place settings, to cutlery and from buffets to bathrooms, every touch point needs to be clean and hygienic. DineCheck measures and verifies that this is true and that guest safety is assured

Module Areas:

Restaurant Standards

This aspect of the module ensures that the restaurant environment, including the structure, furnishings and layout are designed and maintained to ensure optimum hygiene and cleanliness.

Table Standards

The guest table is the main area of use by the guest and therefore needs to be kept clean and in good condition.

Dusting Standards

Ensuring that all surfaces are kept clean and free from an accumulation of dust.

Furnishing Standards

Ensuring that all furniture, fixtures and fittings within the restaurant are clean and well maintained.

Washroom Standards

Ensuring that guests can avoid the transmission of dirt and infectious disease due to poor cleanliness and hygiene standards in the washrooms. This part of the module also includes the washroom equipment/facilities and cleaning protocols.

Vending Machines

Where drinks dispensers and vending machines are used in the dining area these are checked for signs of dirt/ damage.

Cleaning Protocols

Ensuring that the schedule, methodology, training and equipment are of a standard to get the best levels of cleaning and hygiene possible.

Kitchen Standards

Ensuring that the cleaning regime in the kitchen area is of the same high standard we require of front of house facilities. This supports the FoodCheck module which also looks in more depth at the food hygiene and safety management systems.

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