Climate change is real and your guests want to play their part in protecting the environment. This includes how their holiday experience impacts on the local environment. There are many "green" certification schemes, but only EcoCheck looks at your environmental credentials as a whole. Through simple, well thought through checkpoints, EcoCheck takes a systemic approach to sustainability. This means looking at all aspects of your operation. Your guests will take comfort from the EcoCheck certificate that their stay was both fantastic and sustainable.

Module Areas:

Recognition of Sustainable Efforts

Our balanced weighting system ensures that no matter the scale of operations or availability of resources, sustainable efforts are recognized.

Emphasis on Actionable Results

EcoCheck focuses on activity and evidence of positive results rather than just documentation and policies.

Drive Awareness

Provides a framework to initiate dialogue and training on issues such as responsible consumption, waste reduction, equality, diversity and inclusion, community interactions, etc.

Holistic Approach

In contrast to many existing protocols, EcoCheck assesses the hotelier, their staff, guests, suppliers, and the regulatory environment in which they are operating.

Comparative Benchmarking

Evaluate performance against key sustainability goals normalized against relevant benchmark criteria such as occupancy levels, guest nights, and staff employed.

Meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies are increasingly encouraged to ensure that they adopt a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. However, CSR must exert a positive influence to establish its validity.


Focused on the sustainability issues unique to the global tourism market and addresses the need for a practical assessment of performance beyond the green marketing approach favoured by others.

Scalable Assessment

When benchmarking data, it is important that assessment criteria is proportional to the scale and nature of hotel operations. EcoCheck’s metrics have been engineered to minimize bias against SMEs.

Focus on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

There are various threads of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) which are notably absent from other audits. These include gender, religion, race, neurodiversity, sexual identity and orientation, and disabilities. EcoCheck addresses these aspects of EDI.

Robust Analyses

EcoCheck provides a robust dataset which can be used to demonstrate due diligence and measure positive impact.

Aligned with SDGs

Many certification schemes / green marketing initiatives lack alignment with key criteria of the UN SDGs. EcoCheck criteria is informed by the UN Global Compact 10 Principles which drive meaningful advancement of the SDGs.

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