Your fire safety system is at the core of your risk management responsibilities. If there is a fire in your hotel you want your guests to move to safety as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means that all aspects of your fire safety system need to work on demand. Smoke detectors and fire doors need to work. Fire exits and signage needs to be clear and unblocked. You only get one chance to get it right. FireCheck verifies that your systems are working and will be ready should a fire break out.

Module Areas:

Fire Safety Policy

Ensuring that a detailed and sufficient policy is in place that addresses all aspects of the fire safety management system

Fire Risk Assessment

Ensuring that risk assessments have been developed and acted upon to ensure that the risk of fire is reduced as far as is practicable.

Fire Warning Systems

Ensuring that suitable fire warning systems are available and maintained to appropriate standards.

Fire Fighting Equipment

Ensuring that arrangements for fire fighting are available and suitable according to the level of risk associated with different areas / operations within the hotel.

Emergency Lighting

Ensuring that sufficient emergency lighting is in place and maintained effectively.

Means of Escape

Ensuring that escape routes are sufficient and suitable to ensure guest safety in the event of a fire.

Signs and Notices

Ensuring that signs and notices are of a sufficient type and positioned correctly to allow evacuation to a safe area.

Fire Safety Training

Ensuring that all hotel staff are suitably trained in accordance with the fire safety policy.

High Risk Areas

Ensuring that all high risk areas are adequately isolated and protected.

Fire Separation

Ensuring that the spread of fire is restricted by the use of appropriate building materials and design.

Lifts Entrapment

Ensuring that adequate arrangements are in place to assist those trapped in a lift due to mechanical or power failure.

Housekeeping and Inspection

Ensuring that a system of inspection and good housekeeping practices are in place to ensure that fire risks are addressed immediately.

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