Probably the most dynamic area of risk, and the one area most likely to destroy a guest enjoyment if you get it wrong. At all steps, the process of preparing and service food needs to be managed and measured, morning, noon and night. FoodCheck is the leading certification of food safety in hospitality. Recognised globally, the FoodCheck stamp of approval can help to protect your guest from illness, and help you defend any claims against you.

Module Areas:

Dry Goods Storage
Stock Rotation
Unfit Food
Cold Food Storage
Frozen Storage
Food Prep/Assembly – Contamination
Food Prep/Assembly – Temperature Control
Food Prep/Assembly – Foreign Bodies
Personal Hygiene Practices
Personal Hygiene Facilities
Hot Display/Holding
Cleaning Procedures
Cleaning Chemicals and Cleaning Equipment
Cleaning Structure and Equipment
Refuse Disposal Internal
Refuse Disposal External
Pest Control
Premises Structural
Premises Drainage
Premises Lighting/Ventilation
Premises Staff Facilities
Recipes/Cooking Methods
Delivery and Receipt Temperatures
Fridge/Freezer Temperatures
Defrost Records
Blast Chilling Records
Ambient Temperature Control Records
Food Core Temperature Records – Cooking
Food Re-Heat Temperature Records
Food Holding Temperature Records
BBQ and outside Catering Procedures

Plus many more...
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