Any swimming pool is dangerous in many ways. There is the physical danger of drowning, but there is also the danger of infection from the water. There is also the danger from chemicals, as well as slips and trips in the pool area. All in all the swimming pools is a dangerous environment. PoolCheck takes all these dynamic areas of risk into a single module that addresses each point. Regular verification that standards are implemented effectively and maintained is a key part of any risk management system.

Module Areas:

Structure / Design

Ensuring that pool is designed in accordance with best practice and that the level of maintenance is such that it provides a safe environment for users of the pool / pool area.


Ensuring that the means of accessing the pool is sufficient for the capacity, whilst also ensuring that the pool(s) is of a size and design appropriate for the level of use.


Ensuring that where diving is allowed (in suitably designed sports pools) that the design and maintenance of the relevant safety features is sufficient.

Safety Equipment

Ensuring that the relevant safety equipment is in place, maintained and signed correctly. The training of staff in the use of this equipment is determined along with the appropriate emergency procedures.

General Maintenance

Ensuring that an adequate programme of maintenance is in place for the physical, electrical, mechanical and chemical aspects of the pool and associated facilities.

Overflow and Drainage

Ensuring that the design of the pool and its maintenance promote good drainage and overflow systems whilst protecting users of the pool from risks such as entrapment.


Ensuring that a suitable system of filtration is in use and that it is operating effectively.

Chemical Usage

Ensuring that the correct chemical controls are used to prevent health risks in those using the swimming pool whilst also ensuring that the staff involved are suitably protected.

Water Quality

Ensuring that the chemical composition and water quality aspects of the swimming pool water are kept within appropriate ranges.

Childrens Pools

Ensuring that childrens pools conform to best practice and are well maintained..

Emergency Procedures

Ensuring that detailed emergency procedures are in place that have been properly implemented with well trained and equipped staff to support them.

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