The cleanliness of your guest rooms is the most important area of safety in your hotel. In the post COVID19 world you need to be sure that your housekeeping services are effective in delivering clean rooms to all guests. RoomCheck measures the cleanliness of 8 key surfaces within each room to ensure cleaning standards are maintained, preventing the spread of infection (POSI). You will be provided with door hanger designs to give your guest the comfort of knowing their room is clean.

Module Areas:

Bedding Standards

Ensuring that beds in guest rooms are maintained in accordance with good housekeeping practice and devoid of signs of dirt or bed bugs.

Room Environment

Ensuring that the room environment is clean and free of signs of damage or issues such as mold or pest infestation.

Dusting Standards

A build-up of dust can provide evidence of poor housekeeping and therefore the module includes assessment of dust levels in the main areas of potential accumulation.

Bathroom Standards

Ensuring that the bathrooms associated with the guest rooms are kept clean and sanitary at times. Due to the environmental conditions in bathrooms (hot and humid) the build-up of bacteria and other issues such as mold can easily proliferate if not managed correctly.

Personal Belongings

When not occupied (prior to guest occupation) the room must be free of all guest belongings related to the previous occupants. During the inspection the room is checked for any objects that should not be present.

Cleaning / Housekeeping Protocols

A clearly defined cleaning / housekeeping protocol should be in place that will be evaluated during the inspection. Where necessary, documentation / templates will be provided.

Cleanliness Benchmarking

In addition to the identification of visible signs of cleanliness issues the module include the use of surface swab testing on key contact surfaces. The quantitative results of these tests can be used to determine areas for improvement and also to allow anonymous comparison benchmarking against other Intertek Cristal clients.

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