In these days of increased security concerns for your guest it is vital that you have a robust and effective security policy in place. Whether this is to deter the targeting of your guests by terrorists, or to protect them against criminal activity, SecurityCheck effectively addresses all areas of risk. Using highly qualified consultants and a globally recognized standard, SecurityCheck give you peace of mind 24/7 that you guests are safe.

Module Areas:

Management commitment and resourcing

This is at local and global levels to ensure that the correct people are given responsibility, authority and resource to ensure that the security arrangements are established and effective.

Risk Assessment

Looking at all forms of security risk, from robbery and fire through to assault and terror attacks.

Security Plan

A detailed security plan should be developed based on each risk assessment to ensure that adequate control measures are in place.

Security manual

This document should detail the rules, roles and procedures for the security department of the hotel and contains a full management commitment to security and SecurityCheck ensures that is then communicated and implemented properly.

Personnel and training

This covers all aspects of recruitment, staff ratios, staff competence and training.

Personnel Safety

This covers the policies and procedures associated with the protection of staff against risks such as violence in the workplace, criminal acts etc.

Physical Security – Area / Patrol Security

This covers all the various operations / functions within the hotel and how these should be managed with regard to security.

Physical Security – Systems and Equipment

This covers those items of equipment and systems that are used in conjunction with the security plan to protect the hotel, ranging from fire / emergency evacuation systems through to panic alarms and CCTV systems.

Emergency Procedures

This covers the detailed and practical plans that can be activated and followed in the event of an emergency, ranging from natural disasters through to the presence of an active shooter on the property.

Drills and simulations

Ensuring that the security / emergency procedures are activated and followed correctly requires regular testing and drills so that all members of staff understand their role and that any systems / equipment in place operates as expected.

Review and Investigations

Security arrangements are possibly the most dynamic aspect of hotel operation and these should be regularly reviewed and include a proactive incident investigation process that ensures any required changes are developed and implemented immediately.

Specific Protocols and arrangements

SecurityCheck ensures that the hotel has detailed and fully implemented protocols and arrangements in place for the key aspects of the security system.

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