Spa facilities are a relatively complex environment with regard to risk management, they contain all of the normal risks associated with general and fire safety, and also incorporate legionella and hygiene/infection control aspects. SpaCheck is designed to look at all of the processes within this area and ensure that the guest experience is purely relaxing and free from incident.

Module Areas:

Spa Safety Policy

Ensuring that a detailed and sufficient policy is in place to address the issues relating to Spa safety.

Legionella Prevention Planning

Ensuring that a plan of legionella prevention that specifically addresses the risk factors associated with Spa facilities is in place with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Spa Infrastructure and Maintenance

Ensuring that the facilities associated with the Spa are appropriate, designed in accordance with best practice and suitably maintained.

Wellness Treatments and Resources

Ensuring that all treatments are done in accordance with best practice and where resources such as thermal springs are used, these are managed correctly.

Medical Treatments and Arrangements

Ensuring that when medical treatments are offered by the Spa that these are operated in accordance with the appropriate clinical best practice.

Guest Information

Ensuring that guests are provided with the correct level of information when using the Spa, including the gathering of appropriate medical information when treatments are to be administered.

Staff Training and Procedures

Ensuring that all staff have the correct level of training to fulfil their roles and responsibilities. Where professional qualifications and accreditation are required to perform a specific treatment / medical procedure these are also verified.

Cleaning and Hygiene Procedures

Ensuring that all aspects of the Spa, particularly treatment rooms and staff, are kept clean and follow good hygiene protocols.

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