puts the onus on your fresh produce suppliers to send you only the very freshest produce for your kitchens.

Module Areas:

Supplier Review

Intertek Cristal works with the hotel to identify key suppliers and prioritise supplier assessment activity based on risk principles.

Supplier Self Assessment

Suppliers must complete a self assessment questionnaire that will assist in the review and prioritisation for further verification.

Supplier Verification Audits

After completing the initial supplier review and assessment process the hotel agrees with Intertek Cristal those suppliers that require an on-site assessment.

Purchasing Systems

Ensuring that the hotel has a robust system of purchasing that includes documented procedures and records for due diligence purposes.

Receipt of Goods

Ensuring that only those goods or services that meet the specification set by the hotel are received and where necessary ensuring that non-conforming items are recorded and rejected.


Ensuring that detailed records are kept of all items so as to ensure that traceability and recall procedures may be followed.

Ongoing Supplier Management

Ensuring that the hotel continually reviews the performance and reliability of the approved suppliers and managing the ongoing verification process.

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